Lake Shore Farms


Lake Shore Farms

Dave Ouellette, of Lake Shore Farms in Aroostook County, remains deeply appreciative of funding and personal support through the SMM network that began in 2012. As a result, Dave Oulette – Aroostookhe’s been able to purchase cleaning, drying and storage equipment which has allowed him to double grain production and attract more customers. With 220 acres in MOFGA-certified organic oats, barley and triticale Dave is selling to Aurora Mills, Maine Grains, Amish farmers in Houlton and Blue Ox Malthouse. Demand is steadily increasing and Dave is committed to meeting it with high quality products.

His biggest challenge is finding affordable land for long-term lease or, preferably, for purchase. Since farmers with larger holdings are buying up bigger tracts, often at inflated prices, Dave has been unable to expand his land base as hoped.

While holding a full time job as dispatcher in a transportation company, Dave works nights and weekends on the farm, with help from his father and nephews. He’s been getting good prices on high quality food-grade grains and his goal is to earn enough income to be able to devote total attention to his farm enterprise.

Several loans, from individuals and Maine Organic Lenders, have been paid back in the past four years and Dave feels certain that without this funding, he would not be in the satisfying place that he is today. Though he has also developed solid working relationships with other financial institutions, Dave will likely revisit SMM connections when he’s ready to buy new equipment in the next couple of years.

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Lake Shore Farms

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