No Small Potatoes Invests In Healthy Maine-Grown Food

No Small Potatoes Investment Club strengthens Maine’s local food economy by making small loans to farms, fishermen and the food businesses they supply to help them thrive.

No Small Potatoes supports the expansion of our state’s agricultural community and a healthier and sustainable food system. We are a group of individuals from Caribou to Kennebunk who are pooling our own resources to invest in the profitability and success of Maine’s local food economy. We make timely loans to farmers, fishermen, food producers and suppliers.

With roots in Slow Money Maine and the movement to strengthen Maine’s local food economy, No Small Potatoes is the first private investment club in the nation to make small loans that help established farms, fisheries and food businesses thrive and become more profitable.

These loans support improvements in physical infrastructure and special projects that increase the processing, marketing and distribution capacities and efficiencies of food businesses statewide. In turn, these loans help expand access to healthy Maine-grown food.

What We Fund

Loans of $10,000 or less for low- interest terms of up to three years without collateral

Equipment or special projects that help a farm or food business operate more efficiently and/or expand

Working capital loans that lower costs

Businesses that advance sustainable practices and source their inputs primarily from Maine farms and fisheries

Entrepreneurs with sufficient cash flow to support repaying the loan

Local food businesses that can show they are growing or have the potential to grow and are on a path towards profitability

We’ve made two loans to the Farm Stand. Penny (co founder), Liz (GM) and Ryan (butcher).


How To Apply

Applicants are invited to download, complete and submit a No Small Potatoes loan application along with the following information

  • current and prior year profit and loss statements
  • projected revenues and expenses for the coming year
  • tax returns for the prior year
  • current and past debt history
  • credit and trade references

Review Process

No Small Potatoes accepts applications on a rolling basis.

Applicants can expect to be contacted by a No Small Potatoes member to arrange a site visit within two to three weeks after the application deadline. Decisions are generally made within six weeks of the receipt of a loan request.

We’ve made two loans to North Spore Mushrooms. Eliah Thanhauser and Jon Carver, two of the three founders.