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We Understand Your Needs.

Building a long lasting relationship, is probably the single biggest way that SMM supports those within our network.
We are here to help you at whatever stage of your business, and we stick with you. This support could include:
  • A how-to for beginners
  • Making connections with potential investors
  • Providing expertise and technical assistance in specific areas of business
  • Being invited to be a SMM presenters at a statewide gathering

While SMM does not have a pool of money to award, instead think of the SMM network as a giant rolodex with connections throughout the state and your local area. Our staff will connect you with those who might be able and willing to help you in the ways that you seek help, financially or otherwise.

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Ways SMM Can Help

Technical Assistance Program
One of Slow Money Maine’s core activities is to connect food system businesses with the technical assistance (management, production, marketing, etc.) needed to help them be successful.  Learn More Below

Connecting You to Financial Capital
Slow Money Maine connects farmers, fishers and food entrepreneurs to financing opportunities. As an entity, we do not invest directly or handle due diligence. Instead, we leave that up to the individuals or organizations making the investments through peer to peer lending, investment clubs, etc.

Slow Money Maine Network and Resources
Sometimes what your business might need is purely information SMM tries to provide basic information on the items you might need. 

Our Technical Assistance Program

One of Slow Money Maine’s core activities is to connect food system businesses with the technical assistance (management, production, marketing, crowdfunding, business planning etc.) needed to help them be successful. Our network enlists the mentorship of food system professionals with skills and experiences relevant to the businesses that we serve. To date, we have partnered with more than 35 professionals (active, retired, or semi-retired) who have offered mentoring to entrepreneurs, on a pro bono or fee basis, with results that have strengthened operations and provided ongoing personal support to entrepreneurs. One of the most exciting things about SMM is our deeply rooted belief and understanding that we can and need to operate as a collective community throughout our State to be able to support our food system.

Slow Money Maine is proud to collaborate with numerous organizations (MOFGA, Maine Farmland Trust, CEI, Fair Food Fund, UMaine Cooperative Extension and more) throughout Maine, all with a common goal to strengthen our local food system. If we are not able to connect you with the help that you need through our own network, we will help to connect you with others who can.

How Our TA Program Works

Quite simply, once we learn what kind of technical assistance you need, we will help connect you with a person within our TA pool, or collaboratively through another of our partnering organizations’ connections that can help you. If that can be done voluntarily, that is great. If there are fees involved, we try to find some TA funding to help pay for the services needed.

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SMM encourages all food producers and related food businesses to build their social capital by attending the network’s gathering and to explore possible connections for funding and technical assistance within our network. We welcome all stages of land and sea enterprises and will help you clarify your needs to determine next steps.

Please send an e-mail request for help to Kari Luehman, SMM Administrative Assistant:
Kari will contact you and likely ask you to complete an intake form (see below).

Kari will review your intake form with Bonnie Rukin, SMM Coordinator, and you may then be directed to one of several offerings that address your needs.

Slow Money Maine Intake Form

Thank you for your interest in Slow Money Maine. We are looking forward to learning about your project.

A few things to note if you are interested in being a presenter at one of our gatherings;

  1. Slow Money Maine works primarily with businesses who are directly related to food. There are always gray areas, so when in doubt, ask.
  2. All presenter candidates will need to forward a copy of their most recent business plan.
  3. Once your intake form/business plan is submitted, and your needs outlined, SMM will review your information and do our best to help you both connect with resources that might be of help, as well as determine whether presenting at one of our gatherings is appropriate.

Download a PDF of the Intake Form HERE.

Once you have answered the questions, please copy and paste them into an email and send to